Django Unchained Filmed at the Evergreen Plantation

Django Unchained was released on DVD this past week, and in honor of the film’s historical film locations, I wanted to share these gorgeous plantation homes with you.

Don Johnson plays Spencer Bennett, the Tennessee plantation owner.  Although the film says it is in Tennessee, the actual plantation is the Evergreen Plantation, located in Edgard, Louisiana.

evergreen front

Location manager Wise Wolfe said, ““It is one of the largest remaining active sugarcane plantations still in existence in the South. It was chosen because it presented the necessary and authentic look, including oak groves and slave quarters original to the plantation, which is extremely rare.”

Evergreen was built in 1832 and is still a privately owned sugar cane plantation that is still operational.  Most of the filming took place here, and they planted cotton crops and covered the highway with dirt for authenticity.  What makes this plantation unique is that the original 22 slave cabins are still standing.  They are not replicas but the actual 200 year old quarters.

Some fun pictures of the actual home are here because the interior was not part of the movie:

reception stairs kitchen2

And the slave quarters are pictured here.  Maybe you remember Hildi lying in the bed when Django saves her?


Calvin Candie’s Candyland of Mississippi was filmed at Oak Alley in Vacherie, Louisiana.  Oak Alley is famous for its 300 year old oaks.


The famous oaks were left out of the film, but you can recognize Candyland when you are up close and view the massive Doric columns and brick entry.


My favorite part of Candyland was the massive 2-story foyer and wrap-around railing overlooking the foyer.  Unfortunately, that was a set.  Here is the movie foyer versus the real Oak Alley entry.

movie foyer

real foyer

The home has a central hall floor plan on both floors, shown above.  It really is lovely, but I love what the set designer created.

And a plantation home is not complete without the resident ghosts.  Oak Alley was featured on  Ghost Hunters, and supposedly, it is haunted by the Lady of the manor, Josephine Roman or her daughter, Louise.  The Roman family was financially ruined by the Civil War, and they abandoned the home.  Another movie filmed here was Interview With A Vampire.